Getting to Know Yourself – Know Your Personality

Learn more about your personality and find out how it can help you take control of your finances.

Understand Your Personality

Your personality is unique to you. It drives your choices, your actions, your life and your finances. It’s who you are and knowing who you are matters.

You can celebrate your strengths and work to improve your weaknesses. All the while, gaining more and more control of your life. And with more control in life, you’ll have more control of your finances.

“But how can I better understand my personality and control my life? Go on a reality show?” Nope, it’s actually much easier and less embarrassing for your parents. You only need to ask Science.

Back in the 1950s, two psychologists, Ernest Tupes and Raymond Christal, paved the way for the personality tests of today. Since then, the tests have improved and evolved but the main traits of personality have stayed the same.

The Big Five

Today, personality tests often focus on these five underlying personality traits that Tupes and Christal helped define.


  • If you’re high in openness you’re usually imaginative, creative and curious. You love art and nature. You enjoy learning and having new experiences. People say you’re non-conforming and intellectual.
  • Low in openness and you’re usually more conventional, down-to-earth and focused. You love routine and avoid uncertainty. You’re not a dreamer. You prefer to deal in absolutes.


  • Being highly conscientious typically means you’re goal oriented and exhibit strong self-control. You’re methodical, organized and prompt. People love working with you because you’re reliable, detail-oriented and thorough.
  • By being lower in contentiousness, you’re usually carefree, spontaneous and unpredictable. You like things to happen now and have more of a “get-it-done” attitude, than a “get-it-perfect,” when it comes to work.


  • If you’re high in extraversion, then you’re usually assertive, energetic and sociable. You thrive in leadership and motivational positions. You don’t mind when the spotlight is on you and sometimes even seek it out.
  • If you’re lower in extraversion, then you thrive more in intimate settings surrounded by those you know, and you appreciate your alone time. You don’t speak just to fill silence because your actions and words are always deliberate.


  • If you’re high in agreeableness, then you’re usually friendly, kind and affectionate. Your compassion for others draws people to you, and luckily, you’re easy to get along with because of your faith in people to be honest and trustworthy.
  • Being low in agreeable means you’re typically blunt, independent and speak your mind. You buck the status quo. You have a quick wit and are skeptical of people’s intentions. You tend not to leap before you look.


  • Being high in neuroticism means you’re no stranger to worry and anxiousness, but you’re also quite passionate. You avoid taking unnecessary risks because you’ve diligently thought through every possible outcome.
  • If you’re low in neuroticism, you’re usually calm, stable and pokerfaced. You don’t wear your emotions, or anything else for that matter, on your sleeves. You can easily cope with change because you’ve made contingency plans.

Discover Your Payoff Financial Personality

At Payoff, our scientists (yeah, we have scientists. Great ones.) have been working hard to not only help you understand your personality, but also put it in the context of your finances.

With the deeper control you’ll have in your life from understanding your personality, you’ll consequently have more control of your finances. You can recognize the reasons behind how you save money, why you spend when you do and why it’s can be so tough to stick to strict budgets.

So improve your life by taking the Payoff Financial Personality Quiz. With a focus on The Big Five, we’ll give your personalized results filled with tips and recommendations based on the common financial habits of your personality.

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Getting to Know Yourself

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