The Blend – 3.8.2016

As politics are happening all around us, one thing most everyone can agree on is that money is complicated.

And this isn’t a political thing or even a new thing. From fur to paper, money has always been complicated even though it should be so simple (spend less, save more, right?). But no matter how much you understand about the history of dollars and cents, it’s your relationship to money where the real complications arise.

Maybe you’re like Michelle, who watched her single mom struggle with money all her life but changed her relationship by finding a community.

Or Kristin, who always saw money as an enemy but through sheer force of will, changed their relationship status to friends.

So consider taking a few minutes this second week of Credit Education Month to look inward and DTR (define the relationship) with your money like we like to do at Payoff.

Every week, in our series, Payoff Personalities, we ask a Payoff team member random get-to-know-you questions. But two constants are always “Money is …” and “Money is not …” The variation in the answers is astounding. Head over to Payoff Life to see the many different definitions of money.

Unfortunately, no one defines money as a person, so you can’t reason with it, befriend it or stop returning its texts. You just have to learn your own best way to handle it instead of allowing it to handle you. Once you do, you’ll put your relationship with money on the path from complicated to simplified.

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Built Forbes tough. Big ups to Forbes, who gave our Money Personality Quiz a shoutout in their article about how your money personality could be key to helping you fix your money woes. And we’d also like to thank them for creating this great list of “24 Ways to Save, Find and Earn Extra Money With Minimal Effort” — saves us the trouble of writing it ourselves.


Persistence assistance. Need motivation this week (or you know, whenever)? You can check out the mottos and motivation techniques of these hyper persistent people or take Mom’s advice and “believe in yourself” because if you believe you have infinite willpower, you’ll have infinite willpower.

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