The Blend — 4.26.2016

Missed us? Of course you did, you’re a human who can read, not some sort of illiterate panda. Well, The Blend is back! New and imbrewved. Don’t worry, the puns are still here.

So what’s new? A lot. We’re now perking up your inbox every other Tuesday. Plus The Blend’s been redesigned (pretty, right?) and restructured — fitting the new Payoff Financial Wellness Assessment’s Healthy, Wealthy, Wise format. So if you haven’t explored that yet, definitely check it out because it’s free and, no joshin’, can help improve your life. Yes, the one you’re living right now.

Here’s what you can expect bi-Tuesday-ly in your inbox.



Where all the coolest science lives. This section’s about improving your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Big goal: less stress, healthier life. Little goal: You learn something neat to bring up at dinner parties. Here’s what to read to get you started:

Acute Financial Stress (AFS): What is it? — How does it affect you? — How to treat it

AFS in the news: Budgets Are Sexy, Forbes, Glamour and Shape

AFS in people’s lives:The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans” by Neal Gabler for The Atlantic, in which he discusses how financial stress is giving him “financial impotence.”



Where your money goes to multiply. This section’s all about financial management and planning. Exciting stuff, we know. But unlike finance in general, this is straightforward, easy-to-understand and fun. What’s more fun than smart and useful money tips and insights? Waterslides. Waterslides is the answer. Here’s what to read to get you started:

Life — Summer is getting close, so you’re running out of time to spring clean. Here’s how you can get some sweet, sweet cash for your old threads.

Money — Clothes aren’t the only place hiding money that’s just within your reach. Read our guide to increasing the cash in your pocket. The number of ways can be slightly overwhelming.

More — If your pockets are still feeling a little light, check out these 12 surefire ways to make even more cash from the people over at The Penny Hoarder.  



Where it’s all about you. This section’s about helping you understand your financial traits, habits and behaviors. It’s like a mirror. If a mirror gave you actionable steps tailored to your specific personality instead of showing you your reflection. Here’s what to read to get you started:

Discover: What’s your money personality?

Learn: What are the money personalities?


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