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Are you among the 15% of Americans whose money personality is The Storyteller?

As The Storyteller, you’re social, energetic and passionate. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you never shy away from meeting new people or adventures.

You have zero problems making new friends and you have an engaging social life. When asked to take charge, you really thrive. But you can also dominate conversations, so you really have to work hard when it comes to active listening.

Your enthusiasm can easily overtake your more sound financial practices, making you vulnerable to spending impulsively. But you’re unafraid of talking openly about your finances and seeking new advice.

When it comes to The Storyteller’s financial habits:

  • You tend to make impulsive purchases and overspend on social activities.
  • You reach out to others for help or support for financial issues.
  • You analyze your finances and offer to help others with theirs.
  • You solve financial problems with the first idea that pops into your head.
  • You take risks with your money in hopes of seeing big rewards.

Payoff’s recommendations for The Storyteller:

  • Be more conscious of your spending when you go out.
  • Ask yourself before purchasing, “Do I really need this?”
  • Avoid making financial decisions by committee.
  • Pick just a few trusted sources for your financial advice.
  • Keep the big picture in mind and build toward long-term goals.

The Science

All 10 money personalities, including The Storyteller, and Joy, were identified and developed by Payoff’s Science Team, led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Galen Buckwalter. (By the way, Dr. Buckwalter is the very same scientist behind eHarmony’s successful match algorithm.)

Each money personality was identified using the Big 5 and findings in behavioral psychology, neuroscience and other areas of science. As a result, the quiz uses real science to pinpoint the secrets behind your spending, saving and money management.

The Why

Dr. Buckwalter, along with Payoff’s founder and CEO, Scott Saunders, have designed Payoff to be a financial wellness company that applies science, psychology and technology to help our Members reinvent their relationship with money and accelerate their journey to financial wellness. We focus on the intersection of personality and financial behavior, developing products and services that help our Members achieve their goals.

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