Are you among the 9% of Americans whose money personality is The Free Spirit?

As The Free Spirit, you’re flexible, laid-back and a visionary. You tend to choose the road less traveled and become restless if you’re doing the same thing day in and day out.

Multitasking is your forte and you thrive in chaos. You buck routine, preferring instead to be spontaneous and unpredictable. When things don’t work out the way you hoped, you can easily shrug them off.

You have a carefree attitude with your finances and don’t stress about money issues. True, your record-keeping (or lack thereof) would give a CPA a heart attack, but you still usually pay your bills on time.

When it comes to The Free Spirit’s financial habits:

  • You’re not prone to stressing out about financial issues.
  • You’re willing to take risks with your money if you can see a benefit.
  • You can sometimes be forgetful about bills, fees and debts.
  • You’re willing to go against the grain when making investments.
  • You stay optimistic and believe that everything will work out financially.

Payoff’s recommendations for The Free Spirit:

  • Start saving more for retirement or making bigger dents in your debt.
  • Begin tracking your finances a little more tightly.
  • Check out personal finance blogs and sign up for their newsletters.
  • Paying off credit cards? Put them in your desk to avoid temptation.
  • Schedule reminders for yourself so you never miss a bill.

The Science

All 10 money personalities, including The Free Spirit, and Joy, were identified and developed by Payoff’s Science Team, led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Galen Buckwalter. (By the way, Dr. Buckwalter is the very same scientist behind eHarmony’s successful match algorithm.)

Each money personality was identified using the Big 5 and findings in behavioral psychology, neuroscience and other areas of science. As a result, the quiz uses real science to pinpoint the secrets behind your spending, saving and money management.

The Why

Dr. Buckwalter, along with Payoff’s founder and CEO, Scott Saunders, have designed Payoff to be a financial wellness company that applies science, psychology and technology to help our Members reinvent their relationship with money and accelerate their journey to financial wellness. We focus on the intersection of personality and financial behavior, developing products and services that help our Members achieve their goals.

Want to know your friend’s money personality too? See if they want to give Joy a try! Then discover how your money personalities compare to each other.

Participation Pays Off: Does The Free Spirit sound like you?

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