Try a few of these innovative ways to not get buried under the small stuff.

“Wait. Didn’t I zero out my unread emails last night? How do I have 126 unread messages already? That took me two hours! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Is this you every morning? Swamped and frustrated. Always chasing. Never ahead. You aren’t alone in feeling that way. Email overload seems to have become a part of all our balanced breakfasts.

And it’s not just emails. So many small aspects of life can build up to overwhelm you if you’re not careful. We want to help you keep the small stuff, well, small.

The Small Stuff to Stop Sweating

Email —If you’re subscribed to too many emails, newsletters and/or social media updates, then is for you. It identifies and wrangles all your subscription emails into one simple daily update that you can read at your leisure or unsubscribe from without the hassle.

Inbox — If you’re a dedicated Gmail user, then upgrade to Inbox. It takes your Gmail and streamlines it for optimal use — tracking shipments, travel itineraries, events and more. If’ you’re not a Gmailer, try SlideMail for the same type of experience but for Yahoo or AOL.


trim — If you’re a sucker for free trials, then trim is for you. It goes through your bills, finds all your monthly subscriptions and then, if you want, cancels them. It saves you money you may not have realized you were spending.

Penny — Your own personalized financial coach. The app scans your transaction history and provides insights into how you spend your money and suggestions for how you can save more and spend less.

Travel Itineraries

Pana — Your virtual travel agent. You tell Pana where you’re headed and when you want to leave and it gives you flight, hotel and many other options. Then select which works best for you and Pana will book your vacation/business trip for you.

WorldMate — An email helper specialized in making sure you stay organized while traveling. Simply forward your travel itineraries and conformations and WorldMate consolidates all your information and keeps you organized and on track so you can focus on what’s important while traveling — enjoying your trip.

Website Tabs

The Great Suspender — A Google Chrome extension for everyone who has 900 tabs open at any one moment and needs to organize them. Tab overload can really strain your computer’s speed, so The Great Suspender pauses inactive tabs and will reactivate them when you need to see something again.

One Tab — Like The Great Suspender, One Tab reduces tab overload by consolidating a window’s worth of tabs into one. You can then reopen or close any of the tabs whenever you want. It’s great if you don’t want to waste precious bookmarks on things you’ll only need once.

Receipts and Paper Documents

Scanner Pro — Are your desks and drawers filled with loose papers that you can’t get rid of because they seem important? With Scanner Pro, you turn your phone into a scanner and can start storing and sharing your documents in and from the cloud.

Shoeboxed — Tax season always seems to be right around the corner, and paper receipts never seem to be where you thought you left them. But that’s no longer a problem with Shoeboxed. You can simply take photos of receipts and organize and sort them by category. Bonus: You can even track business travel mileage.

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