The pros and cons of how you interact with The Architect when you’re planning a party together.

You probably already know your money personality (if you don’t, find out here). But what do you know about other people’s money personalities?

Did you know almost 15% of the American population is The Architect, making it one of the most prominent of the 10 money personalities?

And because we all don’t have the same money personality, we want to help you improve your relationships with each of the 10 money personalities. This guide will focus on how you interact with The Architect and, to give you some real-world application, how you both handle a planning a party together.

The Architect

First, for all you non-Architects, who is The Architect?

The Architects are organization personified. Everything has a spot and there isn’t a thing they can’t spreadsheet. They’re the friend you rely on to plan and organize all your best get-togethers They approach every problem by breaking it down into its smallest details. You’re a paragon of a well-constructed, managed financial life.

So will your party be the talk of the town, the cat’s pajamas or a third folksy saying for a great time, or will it be such a catastrophe that everyone has a great time because watching things go wrong can be fun too? Keep reading to find out!

Choose Your Money Personality

The AdventurerThe GuardianThe ArchitectThe Free SpiritThe StorytellerThe OasisThe AmbassadorThe ContrarianThe SparkThe Rock

The Adventurer

Why it’ll rock
  • The two of you can make a great team when planning this party. The combination of the Adventurer’s big ideas and the Architect’s ability to execute the details of the plan will make this a party to remember.
  • You both can easily match each other’s energy levels as neither of you does anything halfway. This will lead to one epic party where the refreshments are unique, numerous and delicious.
  • With the Adventure’s built in flexibility to any situation, this free’s up the architect to handle the tiny details while you put out fires and charm guests.
Why it might roll
  • Your different approaches could ruffle some feathers if you can’t agree to compromise. Sometimes The Adventurer keeps pushing the “wouldn’t it be cool if we did this?” expansion while The Architect wants to get down to making a plan and seeing it through. Allow for input from one another and agree to settle on a plan at some point.
  • Your party plan could get steamrolled by The Architect if you both don’t settle on the plan early and check in often. The Architect can get sucked into an “It’s easier this way” loop and then your vision of the party ends up wildly different from the end result.
  • The Architect can create some unnecessary stress for you by always running everything by you. While it’s nice to be kept in the loop, you don’t always want to worry about if the party should start at 7 or 7:15. Give The Architect some free reign on the smaller details and you and your party will be better for it.

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The Guardian

Why it’ll rock
  • You both love consistency and the long-game so your parties are always months in the planning and everything is always perfect. You don’t half do anything and it shows.
  • With the architect handling the smaller details, you can take on what you love most about planning a party — getting is making all your signature dishes. You love the consistency of them and so do all your partygoers.
  • You both are skilled at not stepping on each other’s toes, as you both are great at delegating tasks. So your party planning will go smoothly as you both work your ways down your itemized checklists.
Why it might roll
  • With your commitment to your routines you can sometimes not be as flexible to newer ideas, and with The Architect plans and strategies, you both can clash when it comes to your party ideas. If you make sure to discuss your ideas for the party beforehand, you’ll both be fine.
  • The architect can be so attached to the smaller details that it can leave you to worry about inviting people, scheduling and arranging while they worry about napkin color. With a good division of tasks, you will have a smooth party planning process and an ever smoother party.
  • The Architect can have a preference for bigger gatherings while you prefer your parties more with 5 to 10 close friends. Decide on your party size early or your small gathering could become a teen movie house party before you know it.

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The Architect

Why it’ll rock
  • Oh, the details! The mailing list will be accurate, there’s no way you’re running out of cups and napkins, and the set list will be planned weeks in advance and have the appropriate hip hop/classic rock/slow jam ratio.
  • Delegating jobs will go smoothly and be easy for you both to manage. Your level heads under pressure will make an issue a mere pebble on your road to the greatest party.
  • You both love your parties large and elaborate, so there will be little push back on the guest list — everyone, menu — everything or party supplies — all of them.
Why it might roll
  • Oh, the details! Both of you have ideas of how things should look and feel, and there’s a good chance your ideas will clash at some point. Try to do your best to see your partner’s point of view and make your point without making an enemy. Remember, your ultimate goal is a great party for your friends, not victory in the appetizer wars!
  • With both of you are so attuned to the small details you can get held up debating the little things and not move on to the bigger things. Do you really need a 20-minute conversation about napkin color, size and texture? Maybe, but have one person be the decision maker for each to avoid conflict.
  • You both can get so focused on having everything go according to the plans you’ve built that you can forget what makes a great party — your guest having fun. So once the party gets going, remember to loosen your hold on the plan and just facilitate fun instead of demanding it.

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The Free Spirit

Why it’ll rock
  • Your creativity mixed with The Architect’s attention to detail and get it done attitude will create memorable party themes that people will be talking about until you top it with your next one.
  • You’re about making sure the party is fun and The Architect makes sure it works. Together your parties will handle any type of problem with your combined problem-solving abilities.
  • Your different approaches toward life can mean that by working together, you both can create a party atmosphere that welcomes anyone. With food and drinks and scheduled fun from the architect and impromptu dance-offs from The Free Spirit.
Why it might roll
  • Your completely different worldviews can only work in harmony if you both discuss it beforehand. If not, The Architect’s plans and schedules will simply annoy The free Spirit and the Free Spirit’s improvisational style will continually stress out The Architect. By establishing roles early, you can avoid a lot of arguments. And nothing derails party planning faster than arguments.
  • Sometimes The Architect can feel like they’re doing all the heavy lifting when they partner with you. To ease their stress, take on different duties and don’t hold their need for order against them.
  • With such different perspectives, it’s a good idea to choose your battles wisely. Going to bat for every one of your ideas will create too much unneeded tension. The Architect worries about everything, so to keep your party vision intact — be flexible.

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The Storyteller

Why it’ll rock
  • Never before has there been a better party planning duo. You both have such versatile skill sets that together you create great parties. The Architect is a dynamite planner and organizer, while you’re creative and built to socialize. Your parties never disappoint.
  • The division of labor between you and The Architect works like a dream. The Architect can handle the smaller details while you can work on creating atmosphere and facilitating the fun.
  • There’s no stopping the two of you when it comes to memorable themes. You have the creative mind and The Architect bring the organizational to put any idea into action.
Why it might roll
  • If you don’t establish both of your visions and duties for the party you’re co-throwing, then you can be left butting heads when all The Storyteller wants to do is mingle and they can’t be bothered with the lowness of the chip bowl.
  • You’re always seeking the parties that are bigger and more, so watch out for getting overly excited and inviting people without letting The Architect know. This can cause some strife on the day of the party if you’re running out of food because so many extra people showed up.
  • With you so focused on the social aspect of the party, don’t let that stop you from helping out The architect with more planning. Take some time to figure out what you will do to help the party during the party and you and The Architect will both have a great time.

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The Oasis

Why it’ll rock
  • You love your parties small and intimate and so does the architect. Not only will this party have exactly what each guest loves but also it planning many tiny parties is not just easier but more fun in the long run.
  • You both could easily plan this party by yourselves, but when you come together things just get done faster, smarter and easier. Both of your attention to detail means neither of forgotten to buy the chips and salsa or to send out the invitations.
  • As The Oasis, you are great in supporting or leadership roles. And paired with the Architect you thrive. If The Architect takes the lead then you’re always there with the assist. But if you are taking the lead, remember to delegate to The Architect, as a support role doesn’t always come as naturally to them.
Why it might roll
  • The Architect can have a tendency to take over the planning of the party, which if you both haven’t established a plan already, the small get together you were looking forward to has turned into a full-blown 30-person party.
  • When you plan a party your goal is a small get together with a few friends, nothing big or flashy, but with the Architect there with you that can be a hard thing to accomplish. Their attention to detail can turn a relaxing hang into a tightly scheduled event based field day. So establish early both of your goals for the party so you find a healthy compromise.
  • There can be a surprising amount of stress that comes from both of your attention to the smaller details. You can have a tendency to get lost in the party planning woods by wondering which color napkin is the perfect fit — light blue, slightly lighter blue or almost slightly lighter blue. If you both can pull your heads away from the minutia you’ll have an infinitely better time.

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The Ambassador

Why it’ll rock
  • When the ultimate host Ambassador teams with the ultimate planner Architect, you’re preordained for an amazing party. The guests will feel appreciated and engaged while enjoying an expertly designed party.
  • The architect will be all about making sure there are enough napkins and all the other smaller details, freeing you up to making sure you’ve invited all the right people and designed the best flow and personal feel of the party.
  • During the party, you both will be so busy worrying about different things that your guest will reap the benefits. You’re making sure everyone is engaged and having a good time by setting up games, dancing or just good conversation while The Architect is making sure all the drinks and bellies are full.
Why it might roll
  • Your different focus may be a point of contention. The details of the party will be the focal point for the Architect while a good social experience will be the pinnacle for the Ambassador. Try to work together to make sure you both succeed!
  • When you both are working together you tend not to focus on the same aspects of a party while The Architect is getting the tiny details right, you tend to worry about the bigger picture, which can sometimes make it feel like neither of you is helping the other. To avoid conflict, establish your roles early.
  • With you so focused on making sure everyone one has a good time, The Architect may slowly take over the details of your party. You wanted a small get together, but The Architect planned for a huge shindig without really telling you. Creating a clear communication channel for big decisions will help to create that needed party planning balance.

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The Contrarian

Why it’ll rock
  • The Architect and you together will plan an outstanding party. Not only do you both plan ahead but your pressure to create things outside the ordinary and The Architects commitment to getting the little things right will make for continually interesting and fun parties.
  • There aren’t any problems you both can’t handle. You don’t like approaching issues with the same eyes as everyone else and the architect breaks each problem down into its smallest parts. All making for a pair of creative and diligent problem solvers. With you two, there’s no such thing as a party foul.
  • No party is too big for the both of you. If it’s a small 5-person get together or an 80-person soirée, together you’ll handle the preparations with aplomb. With you handling concepts and The Architect organizing the brute force, your party is destined for success.
Why it might roll
  • The Architect is a much bigger fan of structure and the way things have been done before. This can clash with your creative need to do things differently. If you can both find a happy medium between consistency and creativity you’ll go together like pinned tails on donkeys.
  • If you both don’t establish your roles early on in the planning process, you’ll both clash harder than striped tablecloths and plaid napkins.
  • During the party, it can be hard for The Architect to tune down to enjoy the gathering, which can drag you away from interesting conversations to deal with issues that, to you, barely were worth mentioning.

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The Spark

Why it’ll rock
  • You’re more of a same day, mass text type party planner. And while that can be really fun, you tend to find yourself underprepared sometime. But not with The Architect by your side. Their commitment to plans means that if you want to throw a party, they’ll help you make sure you have enough pigs in a blanket for everyone this time, not just Gary.
  • The ideas for parties you both will come up with will make your parties the hit with all your friends. With you’re outside the piñata thinking and The Architect mastery of logistics. Any idea you have has the opportunity to be the greatest party ever.
  • With so many people coming over, you can get stressed about how the party will go. Not with The Architect around, though. They will help you keep stress levels to a minimum by having backup ice for the backup ice. The drinks will almost be too cold.
Why it might roll
  • The Architect can have a tendency to steamroll if you don’t set boundaries early. If you’re the one hosting the party and have the themed all lined up make sure to give The Architect specific tasks or your party may end up with an Under the Tuscan Sun theme when you wanted Under the Sea.
  • While The Architect’s plans can really help you reduce party planning stress, they can also cause some of their own. Their attention to detail can lead to them asking you a lot of questions about what you think about the color of the napkins, toothpicks or cups. Give them carte blanche over the tiny details and it’ll save you a lot of stress.
  • The Architect is a go-go-go type. This can wear on you with your more leisurely approach to planning a party. While it’s good that you won’t be stressed trying to find cups 10 minutes before your party starts. It probably won’t feel that way when you’re on your ninth run for supplies 3 days before. If you both can combine to spread out the planning you can turn before and after stress into relaxed fun.

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The Rock

Why it’ll rock
  • When working with The Architect, The Rock thrives. Both your love of plans and schedules will make planning a party easy as the pie you’re serving for dessert at 8:30 sharp.
  • With such a unified commitment to plans, it will be hard to stress about your party. You have spare food and drinks, spare games, spare everything. Now if only your guest were as committed to your schedule.
  • Your parties are of some renown with your friends and family. It’s the party everyone marks their calendars for. Both of you are known for your consistency. So even if this is your first time throwing a party together it will be such a hit there no way everyone hasn’t marked their calendars to come back next year.
Why it might roll
  • When working with The Architect try to be more flexible with your vision. Both you and the architect are strong willed and consistent so this can cause some friction if the party isn’t shaping up exactly as either of you perfectly envisioned.
  • As The Rock, you take pride in your work and so you control almost every aspect. But when working with The Architect, another personality that likes to control the smaller details, remember to give as much control as you get or you both might butt heads. If you both evenly split duties, you’ll work together like a well-cooking-oiled cake pan — frictionless.
  • With both of you love for consistency, make sure to not let things get stale, and we’re not referring to the chips here. You both love what works and tend not to shift far from it. The next time you’re throwing a party, try something really out of the ordinary for both of you or your parties may get stuck in a rut.

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