Deciding on Halloween costumes is never easy.

Monster? Fireman? Fairy? Jellyfish? Popsicle? There are just way too many options to stress you out. So why not let science help you decide on your candy-conquering camouflage?

We’ve got 10 Halloween costume ideas tailored to your money personality (if you don’t know yours, find it here). With your financial personaloween costume, you’ll be the envy of All your Hallows’ Eve parties and maybe save a little mummy while you’re at it.

Choose Your Money Personality

The Adventurer — The Guardian — The Architect — The Free Spirit — The Storyteller — The Oasis — The Ambassador — The Contrarian — The Spark — The Rock

The Adventurer

Costume Suggestion: A Globe

You have costume ideas always bouncing around your head. No matter if it’s October or March, you’re a candy cornucopia of Halloween possibilities. Each one is more clever and elaborate than the last. But if all those options have spooked you into indecision, why not be what you love to explore — the world. Or a globe, to be more precise. Also, grab different-colored pins and mark where you’ve been and where you still want to visit.

Here are some great instructions for making a globe costume. It’s for a 4-year-old, so scale up. Unless you are a 4-year-old, in which case, congrats on your high reading level.

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The Guardian

Costume Suggestion: A Vampire

You love the traditions and predictability that come with holidays, including Halloween — haunted houses, costumes and trick-or-treating. You’re heading to the same Halloween party you went to last year and, probably, are wearing last year’s costume to match. But maybe this year, try something simple but a bit out of your comfort zone — maybe a vampire? Grab a cloak, a pair of fangs and whatever else you vant and watch as everyone goes batty for your new costume.

Here are 5 easy steps to making a vampire costume that won’t … it’s too easy.

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The Architect

Costume Suggestion: Group Costume — Star Wars

You’ve been planning your costume for a month at least. You needed that time to get every last detail correct and to coordinate with your group. But not everyone is always as committed as you. So if you haven’t had everyone cosign on a theme yet, why not go with a classic that’s been reinvigorated lately — Star Wars. You’re arranging, so you get first dibs on a character. Maybe go as the greatest Architect in the whole galaxy far far away, Senator Palpatine/The Emperor?

Here’s how to turn yourself into the scourge of the universe.

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The Free Spirit

Costume Suggestion: Closet Randomness

Halloween tends to sneak up on you no matter how far ahead stores put up their directions. But that’s not going to stop you from enjoying it. You can throw together a costume so fast it will break the sound barrier. This Halloween, do exactly that. Dive into your closet and see what you can put together. It’s easy, inexpensive and infinitely creative.

We don’t want to hold back your creativity, but if you need an idea, maybe some smarty pants or a hamper.

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The Storyteller

Costume Suggestion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Hurdler

You love the social aspects of Halloween. Chatting with all the people who made it to your annual Monster Mash sounds like a graveyard smash to you. Discussing everyone’s costumes is one of your favorite conversation starters. So get a costume that starts a conversation this year. Maybe try something with a little wordplay, like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Hurdler (pictured above).

It’s a shell, a mask and running gear. It’s super easy.

Special thanks to Payoff’s own Russell C. for being a most agile turtle. 

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The Oasis

Costume Suggestion: A “Do Not Disturb” Sign

It’s easy to get overwhelmed on Halloween. Parties are crowded and the streets are filled with kids, families and inebriated witches. If you’re afraid you’ll find yourself trapped out and about when you’d rather be home watching scary movies with a “Please take one” candy bowl on your porch, we’ve got a suggestion for you. Find some privacy this Halloween and go as a “Do Not Disturb” sign. All you’ll need is a really big piece of cardboard.

Picture this but big enough to hang around your neck.

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The Ambassador

Costume Suggestion: Group Costume — Star Wars

Halloween to you is all about making sure everyone has fun, as safely as possible. And the best way to do that is group costumes! So you’re joining in on The Architect’s Star Wars. You’re willing to be any character that’s needed. So this Halloween, you could be C3PO, Obi-Wan Kenobi or a Jawa, but we’d say hold out for Chewbacca.

Here are a bunch of different Star Wars costume options so you can be a one-woman/one-man cantina scene.

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The Contrarian

Costume Suggestion: 404 Error

Worrying about your Halloween costume isn’t something you do. But you aren’t opposed to a good costume either. This Halloween, there’s no need to get overly elaborate. You can get as much accomplished just by being clever. So grab a T-shirt and a sharpie and go as a 404 Error: Costume Not Found.

If you need a visual, this should help.

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The Spark

Costume Suggestion: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Funny? Clever? Scary? You’ve been thinking and stressing about what to be for Halloween all October and not it’s almost here. If you can’t decide between funny, clever or scary, why not choose all three and go as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Zombie Mr. Darcey and Zombie Lizzie Bennet also make a great couples costume, even though it’s not canonical.

Here’s an easy way to make a zombie-slaying Lizzie Bennet costume, though love is still the most dangerous weapon.

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The Rock

Costume Suggestion: A Chill Pill

It could be 10 minutes before a Halloween party and you don’t have a costume yet, but you’re as cool as if you just walked through a ghost. Your natural calm keeps you level-headed while others are stressing. So this Halloween, help everyone else calm down to your level and go as a Dr. Chill Pill. You can do this with a stethoscope and sticking a bunch of M&Ms in an ice tray. It’s easy and yummy.

Keep relaxing, we’ve got a DIY doctor’s costume to get you started.

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