The Big Game is this Sunday. If you’re saying “What big game?” then do we have the article for you.

The Big Game is the NFL Championship Game more commonly called the [redacted by the NFL]. While the NFL won’t let us say, S___r B__l (they have really good lawyers) that won’t stop us from helping you discover ways to make money during all 4 quarters this Sunday. Even better, it doesn’t involve gambling.

First Quarter — Take Surveys

Surveys are the quick and easy way to make money on the internet. There are plenty of sites paying you for your opinions on products, services, websites or just life in general, but here are 2 of our favorites:

UserTesting  You can make $10 in just 10 minutes by answering a 4-question survey about the usability of websites. You could probably get two surveys done during this quarter alone.

Mechanical Turk — We use this one a lot at Payoff, so there’s a chance we could be paying you to answer one of our surveys while you’re enjoying the first half.

Second Quarter — Unclutter Your Life

“Wait, how’s this make me money?” You’d be surprised. By sorting emails, you’ll let the better deals float to the top. By sorting your recurring payments, you can cancel the ones you don’t need and see where else you can be saving.

Here’s a whole article about how to organize 5 overloaded aspects of your life and save money.

Third Quarter — Rent Your Stuff

If you’re going on a trip soon or just looking to make some money off the things cluttering your garage, during the third quarter, start an account to rent your stuff.

Spinlister — This is one’s really interesting. With Spinlister, you can rent your bike, surfboard, paddleboard, skis and snowboards when you aren’t using them.

AirBnB — This one isn’t new, but it’s well known for a reason. If you’re going on a trip, pay for your hotel by letting someone use your apartment, house or spare rooms as a hotel. You can get all setup and maybe find a renter by the time the third quarter is over.

FlightCar — While you’re on your trip, your car can be making you money too by renting it out over your vacation. While it may be a bit unnerving, with Flightcar, you get money for renting your car, a free airport parking spot and a free car wash.

Fourth Quarter — Cancel Something

While everyone else is bombarding the cable/satellite companies trying to watch the game, you can take advantage by calling your credit card or insurance company and lowering your rate. Here’s a handy script to help guide your call.

Hello, my name’s (Your Name). I’ve been a customer at (Company) for (#) years, and I’ve been making my payments on time for (#) years. I’m calling because my (APR/insurance payments) (is/are) too high right now. I’ve been getting (new credit card/insurance) offers with much lower (APRs/payments) of (APR%/Payment Amount) from (Other Credit Card/Insurance Company). While I’ve had a good experience with you at (Company), I’m seriously considering switching. I’d like my (APR/Payments) lowered to (10 point reduction/10% lower payment).*

* The likelihood of you getting this much is slim, but it’s better to shoot high.

Overtime — Do More Surveys

Is the game not over yet? Good news for you (and advertisers). Take some more surveys. Here are a few more places we like:

MySurvey — With MySurvey, you earn airline miles and gift cards for answering questions about products and services you use every day.

iPoll — Get paid to take surveys online at iPoll. You’ll earn points that can be traded in for a variety of gift cards, including some for Amazon, Paypal and CVS.

ValuedOpinions — Want to have your voice heard and get paid for it? Then try ValuedOpinions, where you earn points for a variety of gift cards, including some for Amazon, VISA and Macy’s.

One Response to All Bets Are Off: How to Make Money While Watching The Big Game

  1. Antoine says:

    Also, most cable/satellite TV companies have a department called Customer Retention. This is their last ditch effort to keep you. A lot of times, when you call to cancel, they will not even transfer you because customer service reps HATE this department and would rather see a customer leave to another provider, but you can certainly ask. I used to work for one of them and I know this to be the situation. When my “promotion” ends and they try to increase my monthly payments, I call and after trying to negotiate a lower payment to no avail, I ask to be transferred to Customer Retention and the expression the customer service rep gives me is one of disbelief. I suggest anyone try this.

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