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Here are easy ways to cut your expenses if you’re looking to spend less or save more.

It can be frustrating living paycheck to paycheck and not getting ahead. But there are ways to reduce your living costs without losing out on the lifestyle you love. Here are 10 ways to cut your expenses and boost your finances.

Downsizing your home

Particularly if your house is too large for your family, why not put it up for sale and move into a smaller place? You’ll also save money on utilities with a smaller house.

Move to a less-expensive area

If your job or family isn’t keeping you in a certain locale, consider moving to cut expenses. In the US, many sections of the Midwest and the South are cheaper to live in than in the Northeast or on the West Coast.


You’ll save on gas, garage fees and wear and tear on your car if you share driving responsibilities. The carpool doesn’t have to be made up of co-workers either. Many cities have carpool and share-a-ride programs to join.

Comparison shop for food

Treat food shopping like you would any other shopping trip and hunt for bargains and the cheapest prices. Use coupons and buy in bulk if you have the room to store the food.

Downsize your phone service

Unless you have a need for it, drop the land line and go completely cellular. Another option is to bundle the land line service with another service like cable TV and internet.

Make eating out a treat

Sure, it’s fun to go out to eat dinner, but restaurant bills can be a real drain on the monthly finances. Even cutting down one visit to a restaurant a week will help save money — if a dinner for two runs about $80, by month’s end that’s a potential $320 saved.

Pay in cash

Leave the credit and debit cards at home and use cash instead. The quickest way to avoid buying something is not to have the ability to pay for it. Using cash also helps you stick to a budget because once the cash is gone, you’re done spending.

Buy in the off-season

Shop for expensive items when they’re cheaper — in the off-season. So,, if you can help it, don’t buy an air conditioner during the hottest days of summer.

Refinance your house and consolidate debt

Take advantage of interest rates hovering at historic lows to pay off high-interest debt.

Hang on to that car

If the car is paid off, runs and suits your needs, why saddle yourself with a new car and loan? Hold off buying a new car for a couple of years and save the money you would have spent on a car loan. The numbers show people are hanging on to their vehicles longer — the average vehicle on American roads is 11.5 years old.