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Call to Save – Fees

Call to Save

Call your credit cards for a rate reduction and your bank to erase your fees.

Keep free of any bank fees.

There seem to be fees for almost everything these days (because there are).

Have you ever needed to grab cash from an out-of-network ATM or get your debit card replaced? Chances are you were charged a fee. Here’s some common bank fees and ways you can avoid them:

Overdraft Fees

These are charged when using your debit card or writing a check without enough funds in your account. Avoid this by turning off overdraft protection.

Wire Transfer Fees

Banks charge up to $30 when they transfer money electronically from one person to another. Switch to companies like Venmo and SquareCash that allow you to send money to other people free.

Monthly Account Fees/Minimum Balance Fees

Some banks charge a monthly maintenance fee if your account doesn’t meet the specified minimum balance. Don’t put up with a bank that charges a minimum balance fee when there are plenty of other banking options.

ATM Fees

You know that moment when you realize the restaurant you’re at is “Cash Only,” and your bank’s ATM is nowhere to be found? Plan ahead, and dodge the ATM fee.

Other Fees

  • Additional Check Fees: Ordering new checks can cost you up to $15, even more when they’re covered in cartoon baby farm animals. Check to see if your bank offers free online checking and bill pay.
  • Paper Statement Fees: Some banks are charging customers up to $2 a month for mailing paper statements. Opt for paperless statements to save money and trees.
  • Research: Need to dispute a charge? Transaction research can cost you up to $20/hour.

Call your bank and waive the fees.

Just like before, we’ve got some tips and a call script to help put your money back where it belongs, out of your bank’s profit and back in your bank account!

Steps to Getting Bank Fees Waived

  1. Introduce yourself as a good and loyal customer of the bank, including how many years you’ve been with them.
  2. Tell them about the fee that you were charged and ask to have it waived.
  3. If they say no, emphasize again that you are a good customer and want your fee waived.
  4. If this still doesn’t work, ask to speak to a supervisor and repeat steps 1-3.
  5. Call back again in a week if your fee still wasn’t waived.

For help, follow the Fee Waiver Script when you call your bank.


“Hi, I saw that I was recently charged a fee for (overdraft, late payment, etc.), and I would like to have it waived.”