Stuff Marie Look has Done at Payoff (That Patrick Remembers): A Retrospective

For those of you who don’t know, Marie Look is loaded full of skills.
Basketball and dancing being two of them.

But mostly, during her time at Payoff, she wrote all the words that didn’t make you roll your eyes and go “that pun was 3x worse than the last one.”

She launched and managed Payoff Life, which I’m sure you all check daily, so no need to tell you how good she was at it. The same goes for The Blend (that’s the newsletter, not the videos, more on them later). Which again, you all have enjoyed most Tuesdays.

Marie produced and starred in the seminal but canceled before its time (like Firefly and Better Off Ted before it), The Brew.
The Brew

Which you can binge watch here.

Her performance didn’t go unnoticed, though, leading to a successful and critically acclaimed gig cohosting the Payoff Awards, out hosting her cohost by leaps and bounds.
Patrick and Marie Host the Payoff Awards

She was also instrumental in all other words across the company. Direct mail, social media, website copy, emails, PR releases, science, financial personalities, guide, if it had words, she worked on it. The only thing her words haven’t touched are this email. That’s why it’s only okay.

She also got rid of the Oxford Comma. A change which we all handled like levelheaded adults.

Most admirably, though, she put up with working with Patrick every day.

And if you weren’t a fan of any of that stuff, psych! She didn’t do any of that. She coded stuff or something.

Marie, you will be greatly missed and good luck. That’s a wrap.
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