Welcome to the November 2015 episode of The Brew, covering what Team Payoff is most passionate about each month.

Whether you’re catching up with an old friend or making a new one, there’s no substitute for actual face time, right?

Which is why we’re so excited to sit down with you once a month and share a little slice of our lives plus information on what we’re all about: empowering people financially to reach their dreams.

Consider this a virtual meetup for coffee, entertaining get-to-know you chitchat and smiles and laughs.(We do so love anything and everything that involves coffee around these parts.)

What to Expect

With every episode of The Brew, we’ll be serving you a fresh cup of knowledge, straight from Costa Mesa, California, on things like:

  • Payoff’s new financial empowerment products
  • Events we rocked
  • Our partnerships with other awesome companies and organizations
  • Notable goings on in the world of personal finance
  • Resources to help you spend and save smarter
  • Company culture and news

This Month’s Brew

We share with you how much money we raised for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County’s 2015 CHOC Walk, introduce you to Payoff Personality Cheri Q. and offer a tip on how to come up with an extra $500 of cash to spend on the holidays.

So there’s the jolt of it. And if you haven’t already clicked on the video above, now’s the time. Enjoy.

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