Payoff is proud to announce our newsletter, The Blend.

Just when you thought you weren’t getting enough emails from Payoff. We’re introducing The Blend — our brand-new homemade newsletter. Sign up here to receive an issue in your inbox once every week.

If you’re still a little hesitant, think about this …

The Blend is your weekly source for the internet’s most arabica blend of interesting, fun and informative links delivered piping hot into your inbox. It goes great with your morning toast and jam or afternoon battle against the need for a nap.

Each week for The Blend, our team of 1 million monkeys with typewriters craft a newsletter filled with what you love most about the internet. So if you’re looking for a nice 5-minute break once a week when you can learn something, be inspired or just smile a little, then we think you’ll go ape for The Blend.

So now that we’ve convinced you …

Sign up for The Blend newsletter right here.

BONUS: Once a month, we’ve got a video update for you we’re calling The Brew. It’s like The Blend, but there’s no reading required. Watch the very first episode here. We dare you.

Bananas now, please.

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