The Blend — 1.12.2016

Organization, as much as we’d like it to, doesn’t come naturally to all of us. For every person who has a key bowl and hangs up their pants, there’s another searching for their keys through the pockets of their pants that are bundled in the corner of their bedroom.

If we asked you to decide who’s doing it the right way, most everyone would say, “The key bowl person,” because who likes wasting time and stressing about finding keys? And you wouldn’t be wrong. Searching for your keys is up there with bad/no coffee as the leading cause of terrible mornings.

But did you know that disorganized chaos actually has some benefits?

Payoff’s resident psychologist, Ryan Howes, has written a great article about how to find the benefits in disorganization. By staying organized at your base, you can let your creativity explode like a dropped coffee mug.

If you have no idea what The Blend team is getting on about with all this disorganization talk, your money personality is probably The Architect so here are some organizational tips for the super-organized too.

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Think you’re ruining your back by sitting on your wallet or lugging it around in your purse? You’ve got no idea. Meet the man with a 38-pound wallet. And it’s not because his currency of choice is gold bricks — Walter Cavanagh has 1,497 valid credit cards. Though he may have a $1.7 million line of credit, that doesn’t mean he understands the difference between money and wealth any better than the rest of us.

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Don’t wig out. Actually, totally wig out by creating your own silly 18th-century wig in this good use of 2 to 10 minutes. You’ll need to find something to fill your time as Facebook has been crashing its app on purpose to test loyalty. The Blend promises to only crash on accident, as nature intended.

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