The Blend — 11.10.15

If you haven’t seen yet, Amazon has been and will be running Black Friday deals all month in the lead up to their Black Friday Week. Showing that they love deals, but don’t understand what Friday means. But Black Friday has always been expanding from the fourth Friday of November — just count the stores open on Thanksgiving. And that’s because, we, all us humans, have saving problems.

Spending comes naturally to us. Your brain is built for it. But saving? We’re terrible at it. Even rich people are poor savers. Last week The Wall Street Journal ran a great article dissecting all the hidden reasons we spend so much. In fact, we love spending so much our brains would rather go into debt than use savings.

By making every day Black Friday, Amazon made November Garfield’s favorite month ever (No Mondays, only Fridays!). But what if we take a cue from a certain sporting goods company — REI is closing all its stores for the day — and take a break? Instead of going into the red this year, do something restful, save money and stay in the black. We’ll call it Stay In The Black Friday. Sleep late. Read a book. Cancel your cable. Whatever feels right. Amazon has already shown the deals will still be there.

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P.S. It’s Movember. Have you gotten your taste of this month’s The Brew yet? It’s the jolt of energy you need.

This Week’s Blend


Can’t stop, won’t stop. Watch this inspiring MLB commercial highlighting the potential in all of us. Like the potential the Kansas City Royals lived up to when they won the World Series last week. Or the potential of everyone shown in Nike’s salute to marathoners who don’t win, but still triumphantly finish.  


Focus! We don’t know what you did October 24, but we’re disappointed we missed the good weird fun at the inaugural Big Sky Bigfoot Conference. Maybe if we could capture a picture of Sasquatch as beautiful and clear as the entries in this year’s National Geographic photo contest, maybe we could win the million dollar prize from the man who bets against your dreams of the improbable.

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