The Blend — 10.27.15

Deciding on a Halloween costume — like leaves changing color, carving pumpkins and overdosing on pumpkin spice — is a classic October event.

Need ideas to get you started? We sorted the 10 money personalities into 4 types of Halloween costumes — traditional, elaborate, clever and simple. So if you don’t already know your personality, find out now.

Traditional: The Guardian and The Rock

You love your traditions, so grab your costume from last year (Guardian) or grab a good old-fashioned premade costume in a bag — think witches and vampires and pirates, oh my (Rock).

Elaborate: The Architect and The Ambassador

Every detail of your costume needs to be perfect, like this pirate costume (Architect), and the same goes for group costumes, like these Guess Who? game boards (Ambassador). Whatever you choose, you’re going all out.

Clever: The Oasis, The Adventurer, The Storyteller and The Spark

You either plan beforehand, like this bowl of cereal (Oasis, Adventurer), or you walk into the store and make it up from there — like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Hurdler pictured above (Storyteller, Spark).

Simple: The Contrarian and The Free Spirit

Why overcomplicate Halloween? Go with easy things like the Brawny Man or 404 Costume Not Found (Contrarian). Or whatever looks cool in your closet, like smarty pants or a laundry basket (Free Spirit).

Show us your Halloween costumes using #FunPaysOff on Twitter or Instagram. We’ll send some cool Payoff swag to whoever has our favorite!

This Week’s Blend


Do you have a “side hustle”? Our friend J. Money at Budgets are Sexy continued his long-running series on “Side Hustles” with an interesting interview with Mitchel, an online Crowdsource Patent Researcher. Check out the 50-plus other side hustles, like being The Chick-fil-a Cow Mascot, to make a few extra dollars to help satisfy your diagnosed shopping addiction or to buy the Japanese clothes-folding robot of your dreams.


Choices, Choices. Why does it feel like it takes longer to choose a movie on Netflix than watch it? Because too many possible options stress you into not making a decision. And that’s not the only thing that affects you while you browse — smells, color, pricing and music can impact your decision-making. This is what makes Cinnabon so irresistible.

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