The Blend — 2.16.2016

This probably isn’t going to come as a shock to most of you in the wake of Valentine’s Day, but starting a relationship can be tough. So many things need to go right that it comes down to mostly just timing and luck, which people who love John Cusack movies call Serendipity.

Like, take a look (ha) at Payoff’s own director of content, Marie Look, talking the intricacies, complexities and politics of who pays on the first date in this month Editor’s Letter.

And even if you do get a relationship started, keeping it together? That’s a whole different type of tough. You might think you know so much about someone, then they do something that completely surprises you — not always in a good way.

Like this story from Member Advocate Ty K. (you may have talked to her on the phone before) about her little red book and the budgeting pitfalls she ran into during her first year of marriage. She’s an Architect and he’s a Free Spirit, so you can kind of see how that might cause some issues.

If you can’t see it, don’t you worry, just trust-fall into our waiting arms, and we’ll tell you.

Last week we shared our new Money Personality Comparison Guide. And this week, for all you more visually inclined, we have personal PDF visualizations comparing the money personalities. We’re hoping they can help you understand your partner just a little bit more. It’s like we just gave you the relationship cheat code. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start, Love.

Choose your money personality:

This Week’s Blend


My eyes are down here. Scientists are now saying that, like zombies, it’s brains men are attracted to. And use your delicious brain to explore this amazingly cool Bloomberg graphic that shows who’s marrying whom according to their jobs.


Who knew turbulence could be fun? Already stress at work now that you’re back from the long weekend? Check out the new, gravity-defying OK GO music video and learn the science behind zero-g plane flights. Or maybe plan for the next long weekend to go visit the new drinking fountain where beer flows instead of water.

Your Money Personality

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