The Blend – 1.26.16

All January The Blend has been about planning and organization.

For the last edition of the month, we want to introduce you to a money personality, The Architect, that embodies planning and organization, by giving you an insightful guide for creating better relationships with The Architects in your life.

Wait. What’s a money personality?

The Science Team at Payoff used the Big 5 personality traits — a scientific system for measuring personality — to categorize financial behaviors and habits into 10 different money personalities.

“Okay, so then who’s The Architect?”

The Architect is 1 of Payoff’s 10 money personalities. If you’re The Architect, you’re normally organized, prepared and punctual. Architects can easily be recognized by their spreadsheets, labels and almost annoying precise attention to little details.

Does that sound like you or someone you know? Knowing your money personality can help you better understand what motivates your financial decisions, which can lead to smarter spending and saving. Knowing the money personalities of others can potentially reduce arguments and increase compromise in your relationships.

And isn’t “know your money personality” what every relationship coach tells you to do right after “just breathe” or “don’t go to bed angry”?

This Week’s Blend


Dreams are quiet. Actions are out loud. It’s time to squash those thoughts that cripple your dreams. Or to get a running start at positive thinking, try actual running. Science keeps proving regular exercise has more and more benefits.

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Let’s talk about debt, baby. One of the reasons we created The Blend is to talk about money in a normal everyday way because money, especially credit card debt, can be embarrassing and painful to talk about. Another reason is to arm you with helpful information, such as the scientifically fastest way to defog your windows (the answer starts at 3:31).

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Your Money Personality

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