The Blend — 10.14.15

Last weekend, we walked with a very inspiring 4-year-old boy named Cole through Disneyland to support Children’s Hospital of Orange County and all the amazing work they do for families. And it got The Blend Team thinking about movement.

It’s hard to be active when you’re glued to your desk chair and stuck in traffic (let’s hope not this traffic) most of the day. So we wanted to share a few ways to increase your office activity.

  1. Do a lap of the office every hour.
  2. Try a new desk — standup, treadmill or even make your own hamster wheel (no newspaper required).
  3. Work on breathing like a pro athlete.
  4. Fidget. While annoying to your co-workers, fidgeting is actually good for you.

But how can you stay motivated to keep moving forward? Maybe look to your phone for inspiration. Instead of binge-watching episodes of your favorite ShondaLand show, try this free couch-to-5k app. Or just start following really active people on social media — because it’s been proven that social media can improve your exercise habits. Just like achieving your short-term and long-term financial goals, moving forward is all about finding what works for you.

What are you doing to be more active when it comes to your health or finances? Let us know @payoff with #movementpaysoff.

This Week’s Blend

I have mixed emotions about this. Taking a break from brainstorming mind-twisting Facebook interview questions, the company is now letting you do more than just “like” something. You can now also Heart,I-am-shocked!,Happy,Sadness,So-happy-but-also-angry and Angry-pants your friend’s breakfast, wedding photos or new baby. Prepare for this to cause no arguments ever.

It’s savings until you spend it. Right now, 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account. That’s a problem because 62% of Americans are not currently college sophomores. Maybe we should pull up a stool at The Finance Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, or brainstorm interesting ways we can start saving with only $5.

Never too early for disguises. Already stressing about what you’ll be for Halloween? Why not go as one of the scariest monsters in literature? If you’re worried people won’t get it, they will — most have been made into movies already.

“For the greatest benefit to mankind,” said Alfred Nobel. Nobel prizes were awarded over the last week. No prize yet for time-traveling inventor Doc Brown and his assistant Marty McFly, but their 2015 is looking more (hoverboards) and more (Pepsi Perfect) and more (Jaws 19) accurate (Cubs could win World Series).

Always working to catch a break. Meet the inspiring woman who brought surfing to Korea. Or if you’re in Orange County on Oct. 31, 2015, come meet some local surfers as we sponsor Soul Surf’s 2015 competition series. Some of these talented kids, here or in Korea, may dream about getting to surf the waters on Pluto one day.

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