The Blend — 11.24.2015

Not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but Thanksgiving is this Thursday (it can be a stealthy holiday).

And with Thanksgiving comes stretching. Meals can stretch your waistline. Family can stretch your patience. And shopping can stretch your wallet. So this Thanksgiving, if you’re looking for a little more flexibility, try …

Stay In The Black Friday

It’s got the one thing you want from an unofficial holiday slash movement. It requires little effort on your part but can still have a huge impact on your well-being.

How? Well, how you choose to celebrate Stay In The Black Friday is completely up to you. All you have to do is not spend money. Need ideas? We’ve got plenty and plenty more, and here are some of our favorites from social media.

#stayintheblackfriday (click here to join the movement)

‏@ptmoney Yes, this Black Friday I’ll #stayintheblackfriday by watching football & eating leftovers. No time to shop. @payoff”TheBlend112415_ReviewPTMoney”payoff-review/

@DearDebtBlog — I’ll #stayintheblackfriday with @payoff by sleeping in and not shopping 🙂 Spend time, not $

@drpayoff — Instead of shopping, this #StayInTheBlackFriday…I’ll be giving thanks with my family #thanksgiving #familypaysoff

@drzehner — I’ll #stayintheblackfriday with @Payoff by having Thanksmas with the extended clan!

@maureenmccarron — This #stayintheblackfriday with @payoff, I’m going to …visit with my family & absolutely NOT do any shopping!

@JaneDoeStyle1@payoff #stayintheblackfriday by working instead of taking off to shop

‏@ariannahuff — Do something besides shopping this Black Friday and encourage others to do the same #StayInTheBlackFriday

The Week’s Blend


Eat your leftovers. You’ve heard the old adage, “Never shop hungry.” Well now scientists are saying, “Never do anything hungry.” Though that might cause you to need to apologize to your belts. Luckily, scientists have also devised the perfect strategy for crafting an effective apology. Surprisingly, just texting “SRY” isn’t enough. No matter how many emojis you use.


Save with your legs. Getting out and starting an exercise routine can have some exciting benefits for your wallet too. And if you need more reasons not to skip leg day, having strong legs helps keep your brain healthier.

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