The Blend — 3.1.16

This March The Blend is celebrating Credit Education Month and we’re starting with a very important topic: paying down debt — more specifically, paying down student loan debt.

Paying down your debt — whether it’s student loans, credit cards or other loans — can help you raise your score. (Are you wondering how long it takes to rebuild credit?)

Student loans have been in the news a lot recently, so much so that some have called it a bit of a crisis. So here are 5 ways to wave goodbye to student loans, and once you’ve paid them off, blast this celebration anthem.

By the way, it’s still totally possible to go on vacation while paying down your balances, you just have to be willing to make some compromises.

Looking for more credit tips? Our friends over at Credit Karma have shared 5 credit-wise decisions you should be making right now.


I mustache you a series of questions. If you’ve got some free time, definitely read this extensive piece about Mr. Money Mustache and his views on money, life and the “social obligation to spend money on stupid stuff.” If you’re pressed for time, check out how to save $3,604 and get healthier or the stories of how a pastor, marine, poet and many more would spend $1.


Looking for a mind at work. There are hardly any people you spend more time around than your coworkers. And Google wants to improve every workday by reimagining the office and building the perfect team. But with office becoming more and more remote, why not learn more about where your with these awesomely informative and intricate maps. Who knew maps could be cool?

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