The Blend — 3.23.2016

If there’s one throughline for every topic we talk about each week in The Blend, it’s coffee puns. We’re pretty Kéan on them. (Kéan is a brand of coffee. Hey, we didn’t say they’re good puns.) But if there’s a second throughline, it has to be money personality.

There’s been a lot of movement on the money personality front recently, and we want to give you an update.

First, we’ve designed an infographic chronicling the complicated histories of money and personality. It’s like if Social Studies class was illustrated and interesting. Disclosure: We take no responsibility if the gorgeous visuals make you lose appreciation for sunsets. You’ve been warned.

(infomercial voice) But wait, there’s more! There’s more? THERE’S MORE!

The Money Personality Quiz has a sleek new look with additional information but the same scientifically backed results. And now those results are — like you at your high school reunion — both prettier and smarter too. Check them out.

The AdventurerThe ArchitectThe ContrarianThe GuardianThe StorytellerThe Free SpiritThe Ambassador — The RockThe OasisThe Spark

And last, but not least, in case you missed it when we linked to it last month, The MoneyPersonality Comparison Guide is your home for discovering how your significant other might be ruining/improving your finances because remember, mo’cha money, mo’cha problems.

See, we’re ending this update the same way it began, with a terrible coffee pun. Enjoy the week.


Song stuck in your head? Lucky for you, science has now identified the spot in your brain where those songs get stuck. No word yet on how they plan to get it out of there, though. Distract that part of your brain by seeing if Brain Games really can identify your personality based on your Spotify playlists.


Find a penny, pick it up. Now do that 1.286 trillion times and you can buy one of everything on Amazon. Did you know the best day to find change on the street was last Friday? That’s straight from Roger Pasquier, a man who has been tracking his street finds for the last 29(!) years.  Do you pick up change off the street? The Blend team is split — one of us picks up change no matter the denomination and the other is lazy.

Your Money Personality

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