The Blend — 12.15.2015

So this is the last fresh cup of The Blend for 2015. But stow your tears, fair reader, there’s no need to be a weeping face emoji about it. We’ll be back in 2016 more robusta than ever.

Last week we gave you ways to get the most out of the ever smaller number of days left in 2015, so now, before we down the last sip of The Blend of the year, we’ve got ways for you to start 2016 beyond sharing a kiss and yelling “Happy New Year!”

Start 2016 With Knowledge

So what are your financial goals for 2016? If you want to save more money, then you need to name your savings and take a second to learn exactly what APR actually means.

Start 2016 With Inspiration

If you could use some inspiration, give a listen to Payoff’s own Tanya sharing her story about how she paid off a staggering $70,000 on the Stacking Benjamins podcast.

Start 2016 With Money in Your Pocket

If you’re not under as much financial stress as Tanya was, but still want to improve your finances, here’s 14 ways to save money over the holidays.

Start 2016 With a Plan for a Higher Credit Score

Unlike growing a magic beanstalk to the sky, improving your credit doesn’t happen overnight. But with focus and hard work you can follow these 8 ways to boost your credit score in 2016.

2016 may be the year of the monkey, but that doesn’t mean you should monkey around with your finances (yes, we do accept the award for best wordplay in a newsletter). See you in January.

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