The Blend — 1.19.2016

Welcome to The Blend for January 19, 2016.

“What’s that? It’s January 19th? But I haven’t accomplished any of my 2016 goals yet. These 3 weeks have been a waste! The year is ruined. Hello, sweatpants and regret. I’ve missed you, old friends.”

Whoa, calm down, dear stressed Blendarian (thanks to Alicia C. for the name).

“But, my goals…” Will be fine. “How can you know that?”

Because a year is a long time, stress can be conquered and you’ve got The Blend to help you. Well, not physically. If your goals require moving a couch, we can’t do much (tip: lift with your legs). But mentally, we can help you keep moving (lift with your brain legs).

So to help you build brain stress blockers, read up on easy ways to organize overloaded aspects of your life — think email, bills, travel, etc. Or try a little protein shake for thought and read why these millionaire football players are choosing to avoid potential future stress by living frugally like they’re fresh out of college (which doesn’t mean “with their parents”).

There’s no trick for not getting overwhelmed and stressed. Like someone who isn’t you winning the Powerball, it’s going to happen. But if you can settle your brain, focus on your goals and create an actionable plan, you’ll be fine. Not $1.3 billion fine, but … you get it.

This Week’s Blend


Plans are the new dreams. Director of Content Marie Look (you may recognize her from The Brew), has a great piece about dreams only being thoughts until they have a plan. And if you’re trying to formulate your plan, try these useful planning freebies from our friend L. Bee and The Money Tree.

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What’s up, dog? Science has just confirmed what you’ve always expected about man’s best friend — no, old dogs still can’t learn new tricks — dogs can read your emotions. And a Japanese company is making it a 2-way street: Now you can read your pet’s emotions too.

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