The Blend — 12.01.15

Time for another piping hot episode of Payoff’s The Brew. For December, we’re focusing on how giving, like family and gratitude before it, pays off.

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You may have noticed that every day over Thanksgiving weekend was a special “Day.” Thursday was Thanksgiving. Friday was Stay In The Black Friday. Saturday was Small Business Saturday. Sunday was … OK, Sunday was just Sunday, but Monday was Cyber Monday.

And now Tuesday is a “Day” too. Giving Tuesday. #givingtuesday

A handful of charitable organizations joined together in 2012 (also, PayPal was there to make giving easier) to try to create the most charitable day of the year to make December the most charitable month of the year, and The Blend is all about it.

Not only does Payoff support the act of giving — it helps the less fortunate and improves your life too — but we love the idea of turning the most consumer-focused season into a time for saving money and giving back.

So after you’ve drunk in the majesty of Peltzer Pines and Marie and Patrick’s sweaters in the December episode of The Brew, decide if you want to be part of a Guinness World Record™ and give to your favorite charity today.

This Week’s Blend


I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. If you’re a walking advertisement for Mucinex right now, sorry. An email newsletter won’t cure your cold, but we can tell you why you always seem to get sick over the holidays. And we can also give you science’s best ways to fight off your cold.


You’re the best. We want to give a shoutout to everyone who participated in #stayintheblackfriday. You’re all stunningly attractive people, and we hope you had a fun time not stuck in lines or shuffling through crowds last Friday. As a thanks for participating, here are exclusive bloopers from the December Brew. Patrick messed up one section so badly we just cut the whole thing.

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