The Blend — 2.2.2016

Merry Groundhog Day! As of writing this, Punxsutawney Phil has yet to decide if he will overcome his sciophobia in 2016. But 6 more weeks of winter or not, what’s really on people’s minds is the [redacted by order of the NFL].

Dang you and your amazing lawyers, the NFL! Hmmm, how to get around directly calling it [redacted by order of the NFL]? Write it backwards? Great idea. Not confusing at all.

So this week, let’s talk lwoB repuS.

Watching the lwoB repuS is a great excuse to get together with your friends and family and yell at the TV. But if giants of near-superheroic levels of athletic prowess battling it out for your amusement isn’t your type of amusement, we want to give you something to do between commercial breaks.

Make Money — While sports is happening, you could be doing one of these inventive ways to make a few extra dollars while watching the lowB repuS. They’re surprisingly quick. They’re the new jobs. And they aren’t gambling.

Learn a Foreign Language — Well, not the entire language. You can probably learn a few nouns and verbs by halftime with these ways to learn a language that are practically free.

Look Like You’re Paying Attention — If you’re not into the game and don’t want to try to fake engagement, let the characters from The Office do it for you with The Office Stare Machine. Touchdown for? Type in “excited.” Touchdown against? Type in “furious.”

This Week’s Blend


40 is the new ∞. Feel younger than you are? Science is getting closer to explaining how we age. But this won’t really matter when we all get robot bodies. Sorry to put you out of business, anti-aging cream makers.

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Ask and you shall receive. When getting into investing, money management or really, anything, it’s important to seek advice and guidance from those whose opinions you trust and value.

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