The Blend — 02.09.2016

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. And that’s got The Blend Team thinking about our relationships to the things we love — coffee, interesting links, bad puns, $0 credit card balances, coffee, Tuesdays, SCIENCE!, adorable animal videos, other people… and oh yeah, coffee.

But what we really love the most is helping people improve and enjoy their lives.

So just like Valentine’s Day in 2nd grade, we got everyone a gift — no, it’s not a box of those chalky candy conversation hearts which they make 8 billion(!) of every year #factsonly — it’s The Money Personality Comparison Guide, which you might want to use as a starting point for determining your compatibility with your sig-o.

Because sure, you know your money personality (if you don’t, discover it now), but by comparing yours to your partner’s, you could understand each other better and maybe even improve areas of your relationship.

For example, Payoff Member Jennifer K. (FP = The Contrarian) talked to Payoff Life about how she and her partner Eric are preparing to start their very own brewery, and they’ll need to know how to handle the expenses together.

Or maybe you’re trying to decide how or whether or not you should combine finances with your partner or spouse.

The point is, we know financial compatibility is a big part of overall compatibility, so go check out the guide. We’re hoping it helps improve all your most important relationships. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Week’s Blend


News that pays off. While The Blend is talking about healthy financial relationships, Payoff CEO Scott Saunders is talking about how to create total personal financial wellness. And Payoff Board Member Mohamed El-Erian is talking about the future of financial health for central banks and you. Great work, guys!

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The downside of biking to work. If you just missed out on a $25 million payout because you really wanted a bike, you may now need to also know how to overhaul your grocery budget courtesy of Frugal Rules.

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Your Money Personality

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