The Blend – 2.23.16

Yesterday kicked off America Saves Week. (Sorry for the late notice.) So to celebrate, we created this extensive resource guide to help you save money by paying off high-interest debt.

And not just debt. This week is a perfect time to think about saving money in other areas of your life.

Here’s the America Saves Week schedule:

Monday — Save Automatically
Tuesday — Assess Your Savings
Wednesday — Save for Retirement
Thursday — Save for Emergencies
Friday — Saving at Tax Time
Saturday — Pay Off High-Interest Debt

We realize we’re talking a little early about paying off high-interest debt. But just try to stop us, America Saves Week schedule enforcers. We dare you.

Also, why was no saving planned for Sunday? Sunday could be … Save on Bills day? Save by Literally Doing Nothing day? Teach Kanye How to Save day? Regardless, The Blend is focused on helping you save any day of the week, because you were born to spend money in pursuit of your dreams — you weren’t born just to pay off debt and die.

Speaking of pursuing your dreams, we’re inspired by the story of Kimberly, who’s fighting a chronic, degenerative illness and living a life she loves with money earned through Airbnb.

So have a very happy America Saves Week, and if you’re looking for more ways to save, zip on over to the Money section on Payoff Life.

P.S. We gave the Payoff homepage a handsome new redesign. Prepare your eyes for pretty.

This Week’s Blend


Sign out for savings. Do you think you’re paying too much for cable, internet, phone, etc.? Well, you could hire the company BillFixers to save some dough, or just steal all their techniques and keep your money in your pocket. While you’re inevitably waiting on hold, can your personality tell you why you’re loving/hating the hold music?


Run, Leo, run! The Oscars are this Sunday, which is Gilbert great (or great Gatsby) and all. But if you want to have more fun in 5 minutes than in the titanic 9-hour-ish ceremony, then help Leo catch if you can his first Oscar with this addictively silly, fun flash game. When stricken by the inevitable hand cramps, read about an alternate reality in which companies’ slogans are honest for a change.

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