Document Upload Guide

This guide will help you prepare the documents required to finalize your Payoff Loan application. Following these instructions will help your Member Advocate process your application quickly. Payoff is committed to your privacy and safety. Any documents you submit are kept strictly confidential with bank-level security.

1. Preparing Your Documents

Payoff requests that you provide several documents to complete your loan application. The documents we request may vary on an individual basis.

Please make sure you have all of the requested documents ready to upload before you submit, as partial submission of documents may slow the processing of your application.

Proof of Identification

To protect against identity theft or fraud, we may need to verify your identity. Please provide a color scan or photo of either:

  • an unexpired, valid Driver's License or State-Issued ID, or
  • an unexpired, valid Passport

Proof of Income

We may need to verify your income. The easiest way to do this is to provide your 2 most recent paystubs. We strongly prefer that you submit these paystubs in electronic PDF format.

If you expect to be paid within the next week, we may ask that you provide this paystub in addition to the above. You may upload this paystub at a later time by logging back into the website.

If you can't provide electronic paystubs:

We accept high-quality scans or photos. Any scans or photos must be clear and have no information cut off. See our recommendations on how to do this.

If you're self-employed (or otherwise can't provide paystubs):

Your tax records will also help us verify your income. We accept only Form 1040 as proof of income. Please scan or take a photo of the first 2 pages, which include gross income and adjusted income. We'll also need the Schedule C (most people receive this document) or K1 form. We require only the first 2 pages of this document.

Bank Statement Review

Another document we may need is your most recent monthly bank statement(s) in PDF format from your bank account. You'll need to provide a statement from every bank where you deposit your income. This may require you to provide multiple statements.

If you pay a mortgage:

Include the bank statement(s) that includes this transaction.

If you bank with a credit union:

You must also provide a scan or photo of a voided check. This helps us safely verify your account.

If you need help finding these documents:

Log into your bank website and locate your monthly statements. Download these files in PDF format only. Otherwise, contact your banking representative. Most banks should be able to provide documents as a service to you.

Other Documents

You may be asked to provide additional documents not listed here. In most cases, a photo or scan will be acceptable.

2. Upload Your Documents

The next step is to use Payoff's secure website to upload your documents.

  1. Log In - Log into your application at
  2. Attach Documents - Simply attach your documents in the appropriate sections by clicking "Add Document."
  3. Review Attachments - Review your attachments to ensure they're accepted file formats.
  4. Submit - Click "Finish Verification" and your documents will be submitted. A Member Advocate will review your documents once all of them are received.
  5. Check Your Status - You may log in anytime to check the status of your application. You may also receive an email if the status changes or if you need to supply additional documents.

Questions/Next Steps

If you have any questions or need assistance, one of our Payoff Member Advocates is available to help. Call us at 1-800-878-0901 or email us at (Please note: When sending an email, be sure to include the applicant’s Full Name in the subject line.)

The document review processing time can vary, but typically takes 3 to 7 business days after all your documents have been received. Please be patient during this time and your Member Advocate will follow up directly by phone or email.

Tips for using your smartphone camera for your documents

If you don’t own a scanner or need to use your smartphone, please follow these instructions to ensure the best image quality:

  1. Download a scanner mobile app (optional). Mobile apps like CamScanner or ScannerPro can help you take the best possible images, as well as convert your documents to PDF format.
  2. Find a well-lit area. Good ambient lighting will prevent shadows and improve image clarity and sharpness.
  3. Turn off automatic flash. A flash can cause glare that affects the legibility of your image.
  4. Use a dark background. Place your document on a dark background, such as a wood table, to provide better contrast.
  5. Center and align your document. Help us save time by keeping your photos facing right-side up, centered and aligned in your photo. Avoid cutting off the corners of your document, otherwise your document may not be accepted.
  6. Take multiple photos and review. For your safety, Payoff takes extra care when reviewing your documents. Shaky or illegible documents may not be accepted. When in doubt, take multiple photos, review them on your computer and then pick the best ones to submit.