What is Your Happiness Portfolio?


Your Happiness Portfolio is a small selection of things that you spend money on—specifically, the ones that bring you the most satisfaction. And, it’s important because it could be your strategy for saving more money WITHOUT cutting back on things that you love.

Consider this example:
Abigail recently started spending $600 per month eating dinner out with her family, $150 per month on a gym membership and Muay Thai boxing class, and $60 per month on new video games. Those are the three things that Abigail enjoys; eating delicious food, the sauna after a workout at the gym, and some gaming to entertain her brain. But how does she afford the total $810 each month? Is she in credit card debt up to her eyeballs? No, Abigail is debt-free in fact. What she did was turn her focus to her Happiness Portfolio.

Before focusing on her Happiness Portfolio, Abigail already knew what she enjoyed but it seemed that most of her paycheck disappeared each month without being able to indulge in her three favorite things. After some thinking, Abigail decided that having a new car wasn’t important to her, so she got rid of her leased car on swapalease and bought a 4-year old used car that allowed her to cut down her monthly car payment, gas, and insurance expense. She also decided that watching TV wasn’t important to her, nor was her landline phone, so she cancelled her TV and phone package, changed her cell phone plan with BillShrink and now gets her TV from full episodes available online.

Abigail was able to reduce her expenses by $950 a month by making these cuts, and she put most of that money toward her Happiness Portfolio. Overall, she saves an extra $140 each month AND AT THE SAME TIME is enjoying more of what she loves.

Now that’s a great deal.