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Introducing the Payoff Financial Wellness Guide — combining your health, finances and personality into one clear picture to help you focus on what matters most to you.

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1The Relationship Between Stress, Finance and You

Complete short, scientifically developed assessments to uncover how your stress and personality influence your financial wellness.

Uncover the Effects of Financial Stress

In this 3-minute assessment, you’ll measure your financial stress and recieve steps for reducing the effects it can have on your life.

Better Understand Your Financial Picture

In this 10-minute assessment, you’ll receive an in-depth picture of your current financial situation and how it compares to your peers’.

Discover Your Financial Personality

In this 2-minute quiz you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your personality affects your financial behaviors and receive customized guidance for improving those habits.

2Personalized Recommendations

Receive customized content, products and insights based on your goals, finances and personality.


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According to the Payoff study, 23 percent of Americans—and 35 percent of millennials—experience a debilitating degree of stress over their finances, affecting their thoughts and feelings in ways that are most commonly associated with PTSD.

While the quiz is fun, there are also helpful recommendations for how each personality should manage their money. For instance, [Payoff] recommends that “Storytellers” remain more conscious of spending when they’re out socially.

Payoff is hoping to make it easier for people to understand how they make financial decisions. And the bet is that by understanding your personality, you can take steps to improve your decisions in the future.

By offering loans at rates lower than those charged by many card companies, [Payoff] says it will help consumers pay off their most expensive debt and get on sound financial footing.

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